Learn to Fly....!

Our Chief Club Instructor, Stuart Cranage, who has several years flying under his belt, at least 5 years at Instructor Level,

We are please to announce that, Adam Broomhead & Colin Fretwell has join our team of club instructor for 2020.

Please come along and try out our Max Thrust Riot trainer with buddy box set up.

If you are new to flying and want to learn to fly then we can offer during the summer months we offer training from 2pm till dusk. During the winter months training days will end by 5pm and will be arrange for Saturday or Sunday depending on weather and instructors availability.

Learning to fly a model aircraft safely and proficiently takes an lot of patients, dedication from the trainee.

Our Instructors word is final on all matters, you should ask them about everything of which you are not sure of. If they don’t have the answer at hand they will find out for you.

Also, remember the Instructor's are modelers - he wants to enjoy our sport like you. Always make sure you are ready for the lesson, there is nothing more frustrating than having to abandon a flight due to poor preparation, battery not charged or forgotten item, i.e., transmitter (we have all done it, LOL)

Remember, ask your instructor about anything of which you are not sure. Remember you may not be the only pupil so don’t waste your tutor’s time, be supportive...


The best advice we can give is:- Get advice from the club, rather than the local model shop.

What Do i need to learn to fly...!

Seek advice from your a club members or instructor....!

We recommend not to splash out on totally new equipment, buy an old high wing airframe, preferable electric, a transmitter, spare batteries, and a charger, depending on which route you want to take, whether its glow, petrol or heli etc..., we also recommend a buddy box set you where you link 2 transmitters together as Master and Slave.

This is important as this will be a life saver for your aircraft should you get into trouble, as the instructor can take control quickly, it is inevitable that at some point you will right off an aircraft or 2, so be prepared for that, even the best pilots have bad days and crash, you don't have to spend a fortune to get flying, if you take advice from the club members or your instructor you can't go wrong.

Your Instructors & Club members are irreplaceable.

At present we have experienced members who can help

Instructor Telephone Email address
Stuart Cranage 07826959572 stuartcranage@hotmail.com
Colin Fretwell 07516 537638 colinw.fretwell@hotmail.com
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